Trying on new combinations

This coming Saturday me and my boyfriend are invited to a wedding in Poland. We will leave this Friday and come back on Monday. Since we will not only be there on the day of the wedding, but also a few days around it, I decided to look around for some summer dresses. More wishful thinking than reality, because in the area we’re going, it’s about the same weather as it has been in Hamburg for the last couple of weeks: raining, cloudy, a bit of sun occasionally and around 17-21 degrees celsius during daytime.

However, I still have hope that the sun will shine most of the time and the temperature will even rise up to 24 degrees celcius… Perfect weather if you’d ask me… I purchased some dresses online, since I still had a voucher, this would not cost me much of my student money…

These are the dresses that I have purchased:

It was an instant mood improvement. The dresses fitted perfectly and looked even better than they did online. What a happy moment that was for me :-).

So last Saturday, when we went out with our friend, I wore my red striped dress with a small black belt for the first time. I really loved my outfit! More importantly: my boyfriend loved it as well. He even admitted to falling in love with me all over again 🙂

So with the wedding coming up this Saturday, I was obviously thinking about what to wear these days. This made me also think about what I could wear as new combinations in general. So this is what I came up with, a combination that I hadn’t been wearing before:

It’s a skirt that I haven’t been wearing for a while now. It’s a pastel green colour with black/grey. I combined it with a simple, army green tank-top with a lace border. I put a big black belt around it, to cover the transition between the tank-top and the skirt.   Also, the belt makes my waist look smaller of course ;-). The deep red cardigan makes the outfit look interesting and not boring. It ads another colour to the outfit that makes the whole picture more noticeable.

The black tights and boots completed the look towards my feet. On top I completed my outfit with a romantic necklace with red details, similar the necklace under this link.

So, since pastels are in this summer, I built my look around my skirt, that has a light and pastel green tone. I am very curious about your opinion… What do you think about the combination of the colours, the clothes and the details that I’ve added to the outfit? What do you like about it and what would you do differently? Let me know in a comment!


~Live your life like a story worth living…


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