a Polish wedding

We had been looking forward to this event for quite some time now, so now that it was finally about to happen, it was somehow surreal. But still: a great event of course!

Since we had been packing very thoroughly on the night before, we had to leave much later than planned on the day of departure. The wedding would be quite a drive away (for most of the other guests as well..), so we would arrive on Friday and stay until Monday. Although we left later than  planned, we still took it slow on the way down there. We had decided to have some very nice, great and easygoing days, so we did 🙂

It was the wedding of my boyfriends brother and , what is now, his wife.

After we arrived at the holiday home on Friday night at 9 pm, we still had to eat dinner. Before we had dinner, said hello to everybody, got back to the holiday home to unpack and  cached up with my boyfriends mom and younger brother, it was already late at night again… We were staying at the holiday hoe with the four of us. Me and my boyfriend got the only private room with a door that could be closed, we were very happy with that because this gave us some time to close the day together. With that I don’t mean, other things you can do in bed, but I mean talk to each other without others listening and just share some private moments. That was very important, because the days that were coming have been very busy and packed with activities. The nights were even too short to sleep, well maybe catch just enough  sleep to get us trough the day…

Anyway, getting back to my story now… The next day was the big day! Between getting up and the actual wedding was a lot of time, but somehow this time flew by very fast!  On the picture above you can see how the bride and groom drove away to the church, to the wedding, to be wed, to be husband and wife! What the day is really about ofcourse!

It was a great wedding! From the moment that the groom picked up the bride, over the service, the dinner and a whole night of fun, dancing and wonderful moments together with the bride, the groom and all of their family and friends!

Last but not least, I would like to share my outfit of the wedding with you guys, what do you think about my dress and my shoes?












~Live your life like a story worth living…


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