what to wear to a job interview?

A couple of weeks ago, a company contacted me on Xing. That’s the german version of Linked-In. I had been contacted a few times before. These other times, the jobs I had been contacted for, sounded really interesting to me. I would have definitely applied immediately, if only….. the job wouldn’t be at the other side of Germany! Three times I had a job offer for a great job, they were just 8 or 9 hours away from where I now live.

Of course that is not a problem, normally. Because I have moved a lot of times and I don’t mind… But I am really happy that me and my boyfriend have managed to live together now. We had a long distance relationship for years, a lot of years. So, I am really done with that and quite happy that at least that part of my life is finally steady. We had been travelling back and forth for years, so I am definitely through with that!

Although I couldn’t really apply to those jobs, it is of course, quite flattering that they “spotted” me. This  time, the company that had contacted me, was actually located in Hamburg, so that was great news. The funny thing was, that it was a position that I would not have thought about applying to myself. This is because of the responsibilities they wanted to give me and the financial aspect to it. I see myself as competent for this position, however, I think, there would be a lot that I would have to learn before I would feel confident enough to apply on a job as an account manager myself.

Since this job was in Hamburg and they thought I might be competent enough, I decided that I am competent enough. I wrote them back that I was interested and then I got a call back. We made out a date for the interview and that was it.

So now I had to prepare for a job interview! Since they had reached out to me, there was less of a pressure for me… I’m really nervous before I have a job interview… It’s hard to be prepared for every question they could ask  and I think it’s almost impossible to have all the information that’s required for the job… So I try to focus in my preparation to the information that I think will be most important. Still, at every job interview, I have the feeling, there is still information missing. To make this feeling less important and to increase my chances in the job interview, I also focus on other points…

Feeling confident, can make a really big difference in an interview. So to avoid last minute stress, I will always start preparing a job interview in time, not like my college exams 😉 I will try to get enough sleep the days before, eat some healthy food, get relaxing moments and eat a good breakfast. So, basically I’m giving my body and mind some extra attention to feel good about myself. This works for me. An important ritual before job interviews is also to think about what to wear!

BlouseI shouldn’t just feel confident, my clothes should tell my future boss the same. What I wear at a job interview is different every time. It depends on the contact I had before with the company and the information that I already have about the company. This time the contact I had before was pretty informal. I wasn’t sure what to wear yet and looked at several outfits in my closet. I don’t always go to my closet physically, I can also go through my closet in my mind.

blazerSo often I will start thinking about what to wear, the same day that I hear about the interview. All kinds of blouses, blazers, pants, skirts and dresses wonder through my mind. The days before I have the interview I will already form some outfits. If I have enough time, I will probably try some of them or all of them on. What I will finally wear I decide on the night before or on the day of the interview. So this is what my job interview outfit looked like this time:

I put my hair up. Wore an off-white blouse with a bow; a dark blue blazer with a sailor touch to it; dark blue jeans and dark blue heels. What do you think about it? I think I looked great! The outfit totally helped building up my confidence in the hours before the interview…

The conversation went well. Still I didn’t have a a good feeling about it afterwards. It was the lady/girl I had the interview with. I don’t think we connected. My feeling was right. I called after I hadn’t heard of them after a week. The person that was in charge of the applications wasn’t available. So the same night I got an e-mail saying: thanks for the interview but you don’t match our expectations… Of course that’s not what they wrote. But it is what they meant.

Actually I’m not sad, I already knew when I left the building. I’m happy that I can now focus on the online marketing course that starts the second week of april! I am really looking forward to that! Still: giving yourself enough attention before an interview can really help to convince a company, because you really do feel more confident because of that. The right outfit is a big part of that! 🙂

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a Polish wedding

We had been looking forward to this event for quite some time now, so now that it was finally about to happen, it was somehow surreal. But still: a great event of course!

Since we had been packing very thoroughly on the night before, we had to leave much later than planned on the day of departure. The wedding would be quite a drive away (for most of the other guests as well..), so we would arrive on Friday and stay until Monday. Although we left later than  planned, we still took it slow on the way down there. We had decided to have some very nice, great and easygoing days, so we did 🙂

It was the wedding of my boyfriends brother and , what is now, his wife.

After we arrived at the holiday home on Friday night at 9 pm, we still had to eat dinner. Before we had dinner, said hello to everybody, got back to the holiday home to unpack and  cached up with my boyfriends mom and younger brother, it was already late at night again… We were staying at the holiday hoe with the four of us. Me and my boyfriend got the only private room with a door that could be closed, we were very happy with that because this gave us some time to close the day together. With that I don’t mean, other things you can do in bed, but I mean talk to each other without others listening and just share some private moments. That was very important, because the days that were coming have been very busy and packed with activities. The nights were even too short to sleep, well maybe catch just enough  sleep to get us trough the day…

Anyway, getting back to my story now… The next day was the big day! Between getting up and the actual wedding was a lot of time, but somehow this time flew by very fast!  On the picture above you can see how the bride and groom drove away to the church, to the wedding, to be wed, to be husband and wife! What the day is really about ofcourse!

It was a great wedding! From the moment that the groom picked up the bride, over the service, the dinner and a whole night of fun, dancing and wonderful moments together with the bride, the groom and all of their family and friends!

Last but not least, I would like to share my outfit of the wedding with you guys, what do you think about my dress and my shoes?












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Trying on new combinations

This coming Saturday me and my boyfriend are invited to a wedding in Poland. We will leave this Friday and come back on Monday. Since we will not only be there on the day of the wedding, but also a few days around it, I decided to look around for some summer dresses. More wishful thinking than reality, because in the area we’re going, it’s about the same weather as it has been in Hamburg for the last couple of weeks: raining, cloudy, a bit of sun occasionally and around 17-21 degrees celsius during daytime.

However, I still have hope that the sun will shine most of the time and the temperature will even rise up to 24 degrees celcius… Perfect weather if you’d ask me… I purchased some dresses online, since I still had a voucher, this would not cost me much of my student money…

These are the dresses that I have purchased:

It was an instant mood improvement. The dresses fitted perfectly and looked even better than they did online. What a happy moment that was for me :-).

So last Saturday, when we went out with our friend, I wore my red striped dress with a small black belt for the first time. I really loved my outfit! More importantly: my boyfriend loved it as well. He even admitted to falling in love with me all over again 🙂

So with the wedding coming up this Saturday, I was obviously thinking about what to wear these days. This made me also think about what I could wear as new combinations in general. So this is what I came up with, a combination that I hadn’t been wearing before:

It’s a skirt that I haven’t been wearing for a while now. It’s a pastel green colour with black/grey. I combined it with a simple, army green tank-top with a lace border. I put a big black belt around it, to cover the transition between the tank-top and the skirt.   Also, the belt makes my waist look smaller of course ;-). The deep red cardigan makes the outfit look interesting and not boring. It ads another colour to the outfit that makes the whole picture more noticeable.

The black tights and boots completed the look towards my feet. On top I completed my outfit with a romantic necklace with red details, similar the necklace under this link.

So, since pastels are in this summer, I built my look around my skirt, that has a light and pastel green tone. I am very curious about your opinion… What do you think about the combination of the colours, the clothes and the details that I’ve added to the outfit? What do you like about it and what would you do differently? Let me know in a comment!


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