Living in Hamburg

Saturday night my boyfriend and I met up with some friends of ours. Since they are new in Hamburg as well, we have this in common. That’s why it’s also great to see things in Hamburg together and discover new bars and restaurants. This Saturday we decided to meet up at “Planten und Blomen“, a big park in the city. We wanted to visit the water light concert together.

Me and my boyfriend had already visited one of the water light concerts last year. On the day we had moved into our apartment, we decided to go into this park, to cool down a bit, from all the hard work. We got help from a friend of ours who really helped us out there. If it hadn’t been for him,  we would have been dragging boxes, chairs and other stuff up to the third floor until past midnight!

So, we took our hero for a relaxing walk in one of the many parks that Hamburg has. Just as we were wondering about where all those people that were walking in the park at this time in the evening (almost 22:00) came from, I remembered about this concert. I had read about it before, on the website of Hamburg Marketing, and been wanting to go there. But of course, on a day like this, we didn’t think about activities like this one. So as we got to the pond, a women voice was just announcing the first part. It was a wonderful surprise at that September night…

Last Saturday we decided to go and see the concert again with our friends. There was so much rain during  the last weeks and even during that same day, that we had taken our umbrella’s to keep us from becoming a part of the water light concert. Miraculously the sky went blue, just an hour before the concert started. We had a clear sky during the whole concert.

I really love open air concerts. It’s like there’s magic in the air. Although it’s not the same as being there life, I wanted to share the final piece that was played last Saturday with you. Enjoy!

So these are open air, free concerts. The are held ever day during the summer season. For more information you can check out the website.

After 30 minutes the concert ended and we decided to continue our evening in a nice bar. We sat outside, because it is summer and it was not even raining… At some point in the evening us ladies got cold though. So we decided to have a drink at our house and at 2 in the morning we decided to say our goodbyes and go to sleep. We took our friends home by car (since we hardly drank any alcohol during the whole evening), so they could go to sleep a lot sooner than they would using public transport at this time of the night…

After this night I had the feeling of being refilled with energy and positive thinking. It’s was great being with friends, catching up, having fun and seeing the water light concert together. For me, this is what life is about. This is also what keeps me going and gives me positive energy to struggle with some harder things in life again.

What gives you positive energy in life? What keeps you going? Let me know in a comment…


~Live your life like a story worth living…


The first day of the rest of my life

This week I decided to finish another assignment for my study, that I still need to hand in as well. I’ve been avoiding this assignment for after I hand in my thesis. But since I have to correct my thesis, I guess it is time to face the other truth as well. So that’s what I’m doing this week: Facing the truth about the other assignment that I need to hand in.

For a part of this assignment, I actually need to be at the university. In my case, that’s not that easy, since I’ve already moved 300 km. away from my university. The reason that I’ve moved is because there was no real reason that was keeping me there, except for my friends. I didn’t have to attend any classes anymore, I only needed to hand in some assignment and my thesis and have 2 final exams. So that’s why I decided, to move in together with my Boyfriend. We found beautiful and small apartment in Hamburg, that we have both fallen in love with. The chances for me to get a job are bigger in Hamburg,Germany, than in Groningen, Netherlands, where I have studied. I talk about it in the past because it feels like the real studying is already behind me.

So this is how I ended up in Hamburg. Now I needed to be back in Groningen for a few days. I decided to stay at my best friends place and go to univercity during the day. Firstly, it’s really nice to catch up. Secondly, I get to work on my assignment during the day.

I will confess: the working on my assigment isn’t going as I wish it would go. However, today I really felt and saw the progress I had made. That gave me a good feeling, even though I didn’t get as far as I had wished. Yesterday I had been working on the assignment as well and went to my best friends house in the evening. It was really good to see her and catch up! Tonight, we had a great evening again. We will both fall a sleep with a smile on our face today. Because today I haven’t wasted my time. I worked on what I needed to do and didn’t feel guilty about enjoying the real things in life: good conversations, having fun and appreciating friendship 🙂

Let’s hope for many days to come with this kind of positive energy!

~Live your life like a story worth living…

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