Online-Marketing Course

So, I have to confess… I have done close to nothing on my essays and the other assignment I have to turn in… But I have done a few things so I can get started with my essays with just a little effort. I have all the articles ready and printed that I need to read and already thought about the structure. Now I really only need to get started.

A lot of other things happened in the last two weeks that I would like to share with you… Although I haven’t completely finished my Bachelor yet, I’m already looking for a Job as well. Therefore I was at the job centre in town. I had to wait over a month for an appointment, but if they can help me to find a job, that’s totally worth it. The lady that I had my appointment with, was really nice and had prepared a lot of helpful tips. I had handed in a lot of paperwork in advance, so it was good to know that the job centre actually did something with this information. At the end of the conversation I had asked about an SEO-course (SEO= Search Engine Optimizing). The lady told me that they didn’t offer such a course but she would ask if it could be financed by the job centre. Well… What do you think? I got a call and they are going to take care of it! Great news right?

As the title of this post might already give away… The course I have actually found is an online marketing course. This is even better because it includes the whole package! I had wanting to develop myself on the more technical part of internet marketing anyway, so this is a really great opportunity that  I’m grabbing with both hands!

I have already sent out all the paperwork and now I’m just waiting until everything is been confirmed and payed for! Im so excited, can’t wait to start this course! It will start in the second week of April and ends 10 weeks after that! I’m looking forward to a new challenge in my life and to a steady daily routine! I’m sure that this will also help me find my inner balance back…

So, this is all for now, I’ll keep you posted. Maybe I’ll make some progress writing my essays until next time… I have a good feeling, so, who knows… 😉

~Live your life like a story worth living…


Sorry for not writing…

I have’n been writing for quite some time now. I am very sorry for that. I actually wanted to write about all the things in my life and not just about the happy things. Since I didn’t enough good news to tell you, I kept postponing to write. Well, maybe I should have, because maybe this could have motivated me during this this time.

So this is where I stand right now… I had handed in my bachelor thesis for the second time at the beginning of September 2012. I had to wait a couple of weeks for the results, but luckily I passed! As I had expected, it wasn’t the grade that I had liked for all the work I had put into it. At the end I was just relieved that I had finally made it to the end of my bachelor thesis!
The oral exam that I had to take about my bachelor thesis was nerve wrecking, but I also passed this exam. After this stress I told myself just to get a little bit of rest before writing my final essays and finishing the last two subjects of my bachelor…

Well, you might have guessed, I still haven’t finished. There are a lot of reasons why, but none of them is really good enough. The point is that I’ve developed some kind of stage fear for papers, essays and everything that has to do with writing and research. I have been telling myself that I’m just no good and I’m afraid of failing. So bad that I have just not been writing at all! How stupid is that?!  This is costing my loads of money on the tuition fee and I’m building up a debt because I’m not able to work and finish my bachelor at the same time. I don’t say it’s not possible, I’m just saying that I just can’t do it.

In the mean time I feel kind of paralysed, although deep inside I know I can do it. I hope I can help myself find back my power, because I really do need that power right now!

Let’s see if I can do it… I’ll keep you posted on my developments…. I just remember my own quote… Let’s try to live up to it!

~Live your life like a story worth living…

Trying on new combinations

This coming Saturday me and my boyfriend are invited to a wedding in Poland. We will leave this Friday and come back on Monday. Since we will not only be there on the day of the wedding, but also a few days around it, I decided to look around for some summer dresses. More wishful thinking than reality, because in the area we’re going, it’s about the same weather as it has been in Hamburg for the last couple of weeks: raining, cloudy, a bit of sun occasionally and around 17-21 degrees celsius during daytime.

However, I still have hope that the sun will shine most of the time and the temperature will even rise up to 24 degrees celcius… Perfect weather if you’d ask me… I purchased some dresses online, since I still had a voucher, this would not cost me much of my student money…

These are the dresses that I have purchased:

It was an instant mood improvement. The dresses fitted perfectly and looked even better than they did online. What a happy moment that was for me :-).

So last Saturday, when we went out with our friend, I wore my red striped dress with a small black belt for the first time. I really loved my outfit! More importantly: my boyfriend loved it as well. He even admitted to falling in love with me all over again 🙂

So with the wedding coming up this Saturday, I was obviously thinking about what to wear these days. This made me also think about what I could wear as new combinations in general. So this is what I came up with, a combination that I hadn’t been wearing before:

It’s a skirt that I haven’t been wearing for a while now. It’s a pastel green colour with black/grey. I combined it with a simple, army green tank-top with a lace border. I put a big black belt around it, to cover the transition between the tank-top and the skirt.   Also, the belt makes my waist look smaller of course ;-). The deep red cardigan makes the outfit look interesting and not boring. It ads another colour to the outfit that makes the whole picture more noticeable.

The black tights and boots completed the look towards my feet. On top I completed my outfit with a romantic necklace with red details, similar the necklace under this link.

So, since pastels are in this summer, I built my look around my skirt, that has a light and pastel green tone. I am very curious about your opinion… What do you think about the combination of the colours, the clothes and the details that I’ve added to the outfit? What do you like about it and what would you do differently? Let me know in a comment!


~Live your life like a story worth living…

Living in Hamburg

Saturday night my boyfriend and I met up with some friends of ours. Since they are new in Hamburg as well, we have this in common. That’s why it’s also great to see things in Hamburg together and discover new bars and restaurants. This Saturday we decided to meet up at “Planten und Blomen“, a big park in the city. We wanted to visit the water light concert together.

Me and my boyfriend had already visited one of the water light concerts last year. On the day we had moved into our apartment, we decided to go into this park, to cool down a bit, from all the hard work. We got help from a friend of ours who really helped us out there. If it hadn’t been for him,  we would have been dragging boxes, chairs and other stuff up to the third floor until past midnight!

So, we took our hero for a relaxing walk in one of the many parks that Hamburg has. Just as we were wondering about where all those people that were walking in the park at this time in the evening (almost 22:00) came from, I remembered about this concert. I had read about it before, on the website of Hamburg Marketing, and been wanting to go there. But of course, on a day like this, we didn’t think about activities like this one. So as we got to the pond, a women voice was just announcing the first part. It was a wonderful surprise at that September night…

Last Saturday we decided to go and see the concert again with our friends. There was so much rain during  the last weeks and even during that same day, that we had taken our umbrella’s to keep us from becoming a part of the water light concert. Miraculously the sky went blue, just an hour before the concert started. We had a clear sky during the whole concert.

I really love open air concerts. It’s like there’s magic in the air. Although it’s not the same as being there life, I wanted to share the final piece that was played last Saturday with you. Enjoy!

So these are open air, free concerts. The are held ever day during the summer season. For more information you can check out the website.

After 30 minutes the concert ended and we decided to continue our evening in a nice bar. We sat outside, because it is summer and it was not even raining… At some point in the evening us ladies got cold though. So we decided to have a drink at our house and at 2 in the morning we decided to say our goodbyes and go to sleep. We took our friends home by car (since we hardly drank any alcohol during the whole evening), so they could go to sleep a lot sooner than they would using public transport at this time of the night…

After this night I had the feeling of being refilled with energy and positive thinking. It’s was great being with friends, catching up, having fun and seeing the water light concert together. For me, this is what life is about. This is also what keeps me going and gives me positive energy to struggle with some harder things in life again.

What gives you positive energy in life? What keeps you going? Let me know in a comment…


~Live your life like a story worth living…

The first day of the rest of my life

This week I decided to finish another assignment for my study, that I still need to hand in as well. I’ve been avoiding this assignment for after I hand in my thesis. But since I have to correct my thesis, I guess it is time to face the other truth as well. So that’s what I’m doing this week: Facing the truth about the other assignment that I need to hand in.

For a part of this assignment, I actually need to be at the university. In my case, that’s not that easy, since I’ve already moved 300 km. away from my university. The reason that I’ve moved is because there was no real reason that was keeping me there, except for my friends. I didn’t have to attend any classes anymore, I only needed to hand in some assignment and my thesis and have 2 final exams. So that’s why I decided, to move in together with my Boyfriend. We found beautiful and small apartment in Hamburg, that we have both fallen in love with. The chances for me to get a job are bigger in Hamburg,Germany, than in Groningen, Netherlands, where I have studied. I talk about it in the past because it feels like the real studying is already behind me.

So this is how I ended up in Hamburg. Now I needed to be back in Groningen for a few days. I decided to stay at my best friends place and go to univercity during the day. Firstly, it’s really nice to catch up. Secondly, I get to work on my assignment during the day.

I will confess: the working on my assigment isn’t going as I wish it would go. However, today I really felt and saw the progress I had made. That gave me a good feeling, even though I didn’t get as far as I had wished. Yesterday I had been working on the assignment as well and went to my best friends house in the evening. It was really good to see her and catch up! Tonight, we had a great evening again. We will both fall a sleep with a smile on our face today. Because today I haven’t wasted my time. I worked on what I needed to do and didn’t feel guilty about enjoying the real things in life: good conversations, having fun and appreciating friendship 🙂

Let’s hope for many days to come with this kind of positive energy!

~Live your life like a story worth living…

Hard work and the joy of living

So last weekend I working, or actually volunteering, at the Hanseatic days 2012. It’s tradition lies in the Hanseatic League, that supported each other by exchanging goods. This year the Hanseatic days were held in Luneburg. Such a wonderful city, with all kinds of old buildings, streets and alleys. I visited the city 1,5 months ago for the first time, together with my boyfriend. At that time, we already fell in love with the city. This time we saw more old buildings, more alleys and a city that was living as it should be.

The different feeling in the city was also caused by the Hanseatic days. As there were many people visiting the city because of it. It was beautiful weather. We had a lot of sun during this days, a little bit of rain, which cooled the city down and lot’s of happy people.

I was working at the Hanseatic market, where all the different hanseatic cities presented themselves. At the same time there was a music festival held, throughout the whole centre of the city. The market was held around the town hall and the music that was playing at the town hall square, made our days a little brighter.

I used to do an internship for a Dutch Hanseatic city and now they asked me and a friend of mine, who also was an intern there, if we wanted to come along and help. We worked together with two former colleagues and had a good time together. My boyfriend was helping us as well, for at least half of the time, so that was really great.

After the first day, my feet were very sore, and I asked myself how I would be able to still work for two more days. The bathtub and a good night of sleep were my saving! We had so much fun during those days. It was great to work with nice people, enjoy the city during te breaks, in the morning and in the evening. It was great having dinner together. We had a lot of fun in the hotel swimming pool, that was open even at night. It also was heaven for our feet that had been standing for another day. What a great view the swimming pool had! The hotel I can recommend if you have the budget to pay it from: Hotel Bergström.  You can also enjoy the very small pool, but with a wonderful view.

After these few days, I was worn out. But the hard work and the fun moments with nice colleagues and friend were definetly worth it. If I’m not working/volunteering at the Hanseatic Days next year, I will definetely visit! There was so much more to see, listen and experience, next year I’ll try to get even more out of these days. It’s been worth all of the time and energy that I’ve put in it. Let’s do it again next year!

An insighht in Luneburgg

~Live your life like a story worth living…

When life ends…

When a dear friend of me told me that her dad had died, I didn’t hesitate to ask her if she would like me to stay with her for a few days…

This friend actually used to be a friend of my mother. Although they had lost contact, they found each other back at the end of my mom’s life and at that point, I started to get involved in her friends life as well.

At this point I can say that she’s a friend of mine as well… I would even say, it even feels like a dear aunt. She sometimes even refers to me as ‘the oldest daughter that come to visit once in a while’.  So this dear friend, or family member, lost her father. As she is almost like family to me, it is only naturally that I would like to be there for her and her eight year old daughter.

The dead of her dad, was something that was already coming for while now, because he was already an older man, living in a nursing home and losing control of his body and mind. It’s always sad to see something like that happen to a loved one. More even, it is hard to deal with. Over the years his mind and body gave up more an more of their functions. He was not the man any more, that she looked up to and once was her father.

My friend gladly took me up on my offer and said she would love it if I would stay with her and her daughter for a few days. So I did…

I came on the night of the farewell. After this moment of final goodbye, the next day at the funeral people good pay their final respect to the deceased. A single unwrapped rose could be given at his grave to show this respect.A single rose was given at the funeral

It was a wonderful day and a beautiful service about the deceased and the life he led, together with his wife, children and grandchildren. I  got an overview of the life that he had been living. My friend held a speech as well, filled with memories about a fully lived life. All these stories, speeches and memories gave me a good impression of the man he had been, since I didn’t get to know him until he already was a man of age, slowly losing grip of his own body and mind. Now I got to know the other and better part of his life as well. How he grew up in war, how his father died at a young age, how he found his goal in life and how he lived a happy life with his wife and children.

After the service and funeral, the condolences could be given at a restaurant. The man liked the joy of life, including a glass of wine. So this part of his life was honoured by his family. With finger-food and wine, memories were brought to life. This was a moment of remembering, not only the sad, but especially the many good stories of his life…

Remember people that have lived before us… Every life is precious and should be honoured.

My friend and I still had two days left after that… It was good to be there. I helped when I could, listened when she wanted to talk and held her when she needed a hug. We talked about the past the present and the future and were glad to have someone to share all of this with…

I left my friend,  knowing she would be alright. She lost her dad, so she would miss him. But in fact, the last years he was mostly suffering. Now his suffering was over, she didn’t have to feel the pain of that anymore. He was now out of pain and she had accepted this to be the best. I left. It was good to be there…

~Live your life like a story worth living…

Not as bad as I thought…

So yesterday I had a conversation about my thesis with my supervisor.

Shortly before that, I was making myself nervous about what she was going to say. I felt the same tension that I felt last Friday, when I first heard, that I didn’t make it. It didn’t get better when I was waiting for her at the desk. She was talking to some other student, of course that made me curious… He obviously didn’t make it as well. I could conclude that, since he was telling my (or our) supervisor that if he would have picked a more easy going teacher to supervise him, he was sure to have had a better grade. I think he was right. I think that this was the same with me. Only I didn’t pick her as my supervisor, I simply let them pick one for me.

Anyway, right or wrong, we were both in the same situation and had to deal with it. Let’s face it, it’s not her fault that WE didn’t make it, even though I didn’t know exactly, what I had done wrong in my rapport.

So I’m waiting for her and listening to them discussing about why he didn’t get a better grade and why she had to grade him like she did. I don’t think it’s a good tactic to criticise your supervisor too much, especially when she still has to look at your thesis again for a final judgement. When they finally finish their conversation , she sees me and tells me to wait for a bit.

She always tells me to wait for a bit, so I just sit there and wait for her… Thinking about all the things I could’ve done wrong and the loads of criticism that I will have to take in a few minutes. This is making me nervous even more. At one point I even get tears in my eyes, because I’m not sure if I can really improve my thesis even more, since I had already taken up all of her earlier advices to get to the result that left me at this point.

After I just wiped of the two tears that were at the point of falling down my falling along my nose, my supervisor steps outside her office and gives me my thesis report. “You can already take a quick look at it if you like, I just have to get something to drink before we sit down and talk about this”. And again she leaves me. I was getting used to the feeling of waiting for her, but at least now I could look at what I did wrong.

She came back pretty quick this time and sat down to talk to me. From that moment on, everything was better than I had been picturing it before… She was nice to me, asked open questions and was trying to explain to me how I could improve my thesis. She even gave me one practical hint and openly said that if i’d done this in the report, she would’ve probably have given me a better grade (this meant I would’ve just made it).

Since she told the other guy 30 minutes before that she could not tell a student if a thesis was going to be good enough if he handed it in, this was a big hint that I should take. Of course I will also follow up her other feedback. But knowing in the back of my head, that when I really improve my thesis with all the feedback she gave me, it would most likely succeed this time, that was giving me a lot of power and confidence to try it for one more time.

Not so sad any more at the end of the conversation I said goodbye and thanked her for her good advice. This was a good start for the last phase of my thesis.This time for real! I’ll keep you posted on the process and the results!

By the way, she even made a compliment about the cover, she really liked it! So I guess I’ll use the exact same cover for the final version of my thesis, maybe I’ll even find something to top this cover, that would make a really good impression!  🙂

~Live your life like a story worth living…

First post

Although I’ve got a positive view on life, today I couldn’t find this positive feeling.

I just got back my thesis that I’ve been working on for a long time… I guess it just wasn’t good enough… I wouldn’t say it’s a masterpiece myself. Still, for all the work, sweat and tears I put in it, I really hoped for a better result than this…  What a sad day this is for me…. My heart just sank when I heard about the result. This would mean more work, more literature, more stuff I don’t like to think about anymore… It’s been long enough that I’ve been working on this theme. All I want is to finally start my life!

For me, finishing my Bachelor-degree in Communications is just a formality. In my mind I’m already finding a job and working. Because I’m ready for that now! Ready to start a real job, have responsibilities, find creative solutions and work towards a practical goal.

Life doesn’t mean you should just work, go to school and do only  things the world expects you to do. I learned to appreciate the small things in life. Even before my mother died, when I was 18, she taught  me to respect the world that we live in and everything that is part of it. She showed me how to love life, even though it can be tough, painful and unfair. This is what I’m trying to live up to, ever since.

Today however, I felt that life is tough, painful and very unfair! Will I ever finish this thesis? Will I get my Bachelor-degree in the end? Some of my friends make it look so easy… Compared to them I feel a bit dumb at the moment. Am I just not getting it, or am I just having bad luck and do I just need to give it a 100% one last time?

This day was a sad day for me, I will be sad until I go to bed.

Tomorrow I’m finding back my positive energy. I need that, to finish my thesis, to finally get my Bachelor-degree! On Monday I will get some more information on what I did wrong. Let’s hope I can work with this information, towards a Bachelor-degree worthy thesis…

For now, good night! Have a productive, inspiring and satisfying weekend.

~Live your life like a story worth living…

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